The Piano Emporium in Stroud

The Piano Shop Bath is very proud to be establishing The Piano Emporium in Stroud, an area long connected to piano manufacturing. For nearly a century pianos were manufactured at Woodchester Mills, where thousands of Bentley pianos were rolled out to customers around the world. Unfortunately this long and proud history came to an end in 2003 when the British Piano Manufacturing Co. Ltd. ceased trading and closed its doors for good. They represented the last British piano manufacturer that was producing pianos on a large scale.

Stroud has had a long history of industry. The Malthouse Emporium, where the Piano Emporium is based, is an old industrial building believed  to have been constructed in 1822. Since 1928 it was home to the Stroud Brewery Company, where local beer was brewed and bottled for home markets. The revamp of the building by the Malthouse Emporium into a saleroom for over 100 independent dealers represents another important aspect of Stroud’s recent history, independent business and shops.

The historical importance of areas like Stroud and the industry they produced should never be forgotten. When a local industry closes, it is not simply a matter of a company no longer making money. The skills and knowledge required to produce pianos, built up over years and generations, also disappears. From a historical perspective of piano manufacturing, Britain was one of the leading innovators when it came to piano design and development. That will also no longer be a part of British industry going forward.

At the Piano Emporium we sell restored secondhand pianos at affordable prices. All of our pianos are serviced by our expert technicians before going on sale. We are proud to have a team of expert technicians who bring years of experience and skills to every piano they service. When you purchase a piano from the Piano Emporium we will also include:

  • a free piano stool
  • a free first-tuning 5-6 weeks after delivery
  • a one-year guarantee sent with your invoice

We also have our own dedicated piano removal team who can deliver the piano to your home safely. Piano delivery in itself is a highly skilled job that requires not just physical strength, but in depth understanding of weight distribution and correct transport methods to protect your piano.

So come and visit the Piano Emporium today. We have a great range of affordable pianos in a range of styles. Every piano comes with our expert advice and after sales service, so you know that your piano will be looked after by specialists.


Hello world from The Piano Emporium

In forming The Piano Emporium, Stroud, we focus on sourcing the finest secondhand pianos, restoring them in our dedicated piano workshop and making them affordable enough to find out if the piano is for you or your children. We take away the risk of buying a neglected secondhand piano you know little about which, unrestored, could make learning difficult or simply not enjoyable.

All of our pianos come with a year’s guarantee and can be delivered by our dedicated piano removals team to your home. We’ll also come and tune your piano again once it’s settled in to your home and, from our piano workshop at The Piano Shop Bath, we’ll also be around to answer any questions and help you look after your piano for years to come.